This is a selection of articles written by Dr. Jeff McNair.

Disability when viewed as impaired and unchosen relationships. McNair & McKinney (2017)

Disability studies applied to disability ministry. McNair (2016)

Human services via faith groups. McNair (2016)

Social ramps: The principles of universal design applied to the social enviornment. McNair & McKinney (2015)

Disability and Human Supports. McNair (2015)

The power of those who seem weaker. McNair (2014)

Almost friends. Baca & McNair (2013)

What would be better? Tumeinski & McNair (2012)

Faith Formation for Adults with Disability (McNair & McNair (2012)  This article is from the Beyond Suffering curriculum by Joni and Friends

Knowledge faith development and religious educaiton that includes all. McNair (2010)

A nation of Scrooges? McNair (2001)

A discussion of networks supporting people with disabilities in the community. McNair (1997)