Meowoof – A book about what it is to be different

chapter 1 moonMeowoof invites you into a world of dogs! Of course it is filled with licking, sniffing, biting and chasing. It is no doubt a fun and amusing place to visit. But life is not without its challenges. Barney, a beagle, and his mate Inky, a dachshund are just a young couple looking to start a family and live a typical life. But there is something unusual about one of their pups. He is like no pup they or any other dogs have ever seen before. Skip and Rosie, friends of the family do their best to support them as does His Howliness, the leader of the Moon Howlers, but they are up against attitudes deeply held by doggy society. Barney and Inky find out how those around can change when someone is not like everyone else. Those who understand the experience of being different will fearfully whisper about how dogs are taken over by the Grumble, an evil living inside of everyone. How does one battle against something everyone has inside of them? Dogs like Skip and His Howliness refuse to be put off by differences in others and will bear their teeth and fight the Grumble. But the Grumble is not that easily cover jpeg

What is it to be different? What happens to you and those around you when you are not like everyone else? You are different. In a truly unique way, Meowoof begins a story about those who are different and what their lives are like.

If you are a little different you will see yourself in this story.

If you love someone who is different, you will more fully understand your experience.

And, if you struggle with those who are different, perhaps you will begin to understand why.

New curriculum! Lessons from the Light & Power Company: The Psalms

psalms book picLessons from the Light & Power Company: The Psalms is available now at this website.

You will also be able to purchase it on Amazon.

Jeff and Kathi McNair started the Light & Power Company in 1990. It is an adult Sunday School class that includes adults with various disabilities. In the many years that they have worked to facilitate the faith development of adults, they have learned a great deal. They have also developed a very specific approach. In particular, adults are treated like adults. The adults who attend are not our students, they are our peers.
Over the years, Jeff has been the teacher in the class. Although they have collected his lessons, it isn’t till now that they are publishing them. Snippets of the curriculum have been available on the internet, but this is the first collection of lessons. You will find that these lessons on the Psalms would be challenging for any adult. In fact, any adults without disabilities attend our class.
The enclosed 40 lessons are meant to take you through a year of instruction. The lessons were developed and taught. They were then revised and then several years later taught again and revised again. Therefore, input from experience and comments from those who participated in the training went into the final version of the curriculum.
We invite you to give it a try and let us know hot it has worked for you!

disabled Christianity

Discussion of issues related to Christianity/theology and persons with disability, and disability ministry hosted by Jeff McNair, a special education professor. Jeff and his wife Kathi have been involved in ministry with adults with intellectual disabilities for 40 years.

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Two volumes of excerpts from the blog are available in book form.

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