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What would be better? This is a website devoted to developing maturity in disability ministry.

Social ramps/Universal social design This website takes the concept of universal design and applies it to social enviornments.

Light & Power Company is a class that my wife Kathi have facilitated at Trinity Church in Reldands, CA for over 20 years. It is a ministry that provides Biblical instruction and which includes adults with various disabilities. However, it is much more than that. Our desire is to fully integrate people into all aspects of the church. Leadership at Trinity have often said that “Disability ministry is part of Trinity’s DNA!” That the leadership is as open as they are, and have made the efforts they have, has caused Trinity to be a model for many other churches. We have a big vision, and we are not there yet, but by God’s grace we continue to move forward. Please come and visit us!  You will be welcome.


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